Report of Marriage

The marriage of Filipino nationals should be reported to and registered with the Philippine Statistics Authority through the Embassy/Consulate having jurisdiction over the locality where the marriage took place. The Report should be registered within 30 days from the date of marriage.

Basic Requirements:

  1. Duly accomplished Report of Marriage Form (4 copies)
    2. Entries must be at the time of marriage
  2. Marriage Contract/Certificate
    • Applicants must submit any of the following documents, (original copy plus three (3) photocopies):
      •  Certified True Copy of Extract of Marriage or Certificate, with English translation, duly notarized by a Swedish notary public and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Legalization Section (UtrikesdepartementetsSektionen).
  3. Birth Certificate of both parties (four photocopies each)
    1. For Filipino Citizens: Authenticated birth certificate issued by the NSO
    2. For Foreign Nationals: Extract of Birth Certificate /Registration, with English translation
  4. Passport of both parties used at the time of marriage (4 photocopies)
  5. Four (4) recent passport-size photos of both parties
  6. Report of marriage fee (SEK300)

Additional Requirement:
For delayed registration of marriage (beyond 30 days after marriage)
- Joint Affidavit for Delayed Registration signed by the couple (Fee - SEK300)

For divorced or legally annulled marriage of Filipino spouse:
- Submit a copy of the Marriage Contract from the National Statistics Office (NSO), with proper legal annotation of the divorce decree or judicial decision of Annulment of Marriage, authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

- For Filipino citizens, who married and divorced in Sweden, also submit a legalized copy of divorce decree (with English translation). 

For widowed Filipino spouse:
- Submit Death Certificate issued by the NSO and authenticated by the DFA, if deceased  spouse was a Filipino citizen; or death certificate legalized by the Swedish Ministry, if deceased spouse was a Swedish national or other foreign nationality (with English translation/version).

For divorced, annulled or legally separated foreign spouse:
- Submit copy of foreign decree/decision with English translation

For widowed foreign spouse:
- Submit authenticated copy of Death Certificate of deceased spouse (with English translation/version


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