Notarials, Acknowledgment, Certifications, and Authentication of Documents:  

a. for use in the Philippines

Applicants who wish to apply for notarial, acknowledgment or authentication/legalization of documents may submit their applications, either in person or by post. Following the guidelines of the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, the process consists of a so-called chain authentication as follows:

  1. The applicant must ensure that all document(s) issued by Swedish authorities or executed by a Swedish or foreign individual living in Sweden (together with its English translation) to be submitted at the Philippine Honorary Consulate in Stockholm, Sweden, or the Philippine Embassy in Oslo, for use in the Philippines, must be duly notarized by a Swedish notary public and legalized by the Legalization Section of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Utrikesdepartementet Legalisering Sectionen
    • Links: Legalization of Documents at the Utrikesdepartementet
      • UD Legaliseringar
      • Google serach for Utrikesdepartementet legalisering
  2. Applicants must ascertain to attach a copy of valid passport and identification card on the submitted document(s), for notarial services.  

b. for use in Sweden

1. The applicant must ensure that all documents to be submitted to the Philippine Honorary Consulate General in Sweden, for legalization, must have been authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila.

Submission of Applications by Post:
The applicant must send by postal mail all documents that have complied with the afore-stated pre-requisites, together with a clear copy of the data page of the applicant’s valid passport, a self-addressed envelope for registered mailing (rekommendering) to the Office of the Philippine Honorary Consul General in Stockholm, Sweden at (c/o Consilio AB, Nybrogatan 12, 114 39 Stockholm, Sweden.  

Notarial Fees:(please click for schedule of fees)

(Note: Fees can be made through cash or swish transfer payments (using the official telephone number of the Office of the Philippine Honorary Consulate General: 072.532.9933)

Downloadable Consular Forms:

Affidavit of Support and Guarantee PDF WORD
Affidavit of Support and Consent PDF WORD
Joint Affidavit Form PDF WORD
Special Power of Attorney (SPA) General Form PDF WORD
Special Power of Attorney (Purchase of Property in the Philippines) PDF WORD
Special Power of Attorney (Selling of Property in the Philippines) PDF WORD
Affidavit of Lost Passport Form PDF WORD
Report of Birth Form PDF  
Report of Death Form PDF  
Report of of Marriage Form PDF  

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