Scope of Responsibilities of the Philippine Honorary Consulate General

On the basis of existing regulations of the Philippines´ Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila, the Philippine Honorary Consular Officer, in general, is mandated to attend to and protect the interest of the Philippines, within his/her district area(s) of jurisdictions.  It is the duty of the Honorary Consular Official, within the limits of his authority and bounds of his/her district, to protect the rights of the Philippine citizens and promote their welfare.

In pursuance of the above responsibilities, the Honorary Consular Official(s) shall:

  • Promote and expand foreign trade, attract foreign tourists and investments, and protect and advance the interests of Filipino nationals and Filipino migrant workers; 
  • Study the relations between the Philippines and the country where he is stationed, acquaint himself with everything that may affect the interests of the Philippines, which may be utilized for the development of Philippine commerce, industry, shipping, agriculture and economic conditions, in general; 
  • Monitor and submit periodic reports on the economic, political and social developments in the country of assignment; 
  • Develop a market in his consular district for Philippine products and disseminate factual information about Philippine political, economic, social, and cultural development; and, 
  • Perform such other functions and services as may be deemed proper and necessary in the furtherance of Philippine commercial interests abroad.

 The Philippine Honorary Consular Officers shall be under the immediate supervision of the Embassy, having jurisdiction over the consular district. (In this case, the Honorary Consulate General in Stockholm, Sweden is under the management direction of the Philippine Embassy in Oslo, Norway).

The Philippine Honorary Consular Officers or their staff shall not receive any compensation from the Philippine Government. 

(Source: Excerpts from the Department of Foreign Affairs´ D.O.32-94, 18 July 1994)

Consular Services 

The Philippine Honorary Consulate General in Stockholm does not process passport and visa applications. Said applications should be made directly with the Philippine Embassy in Oslo, Noway.

In accordance with the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, the Philippine Honorary Consulate General performs its authentication/legalization function/services.  Given the existence of a multi-state system, aforesaid Convention stipulates that, among other things, the various types of documents sourced from particular sovereign states (e.g. public documents, private documents, and commercial documents) shall have validity or operative effect in another sovereign state's legal jurisdiction after subjected to an agreed upon authentication procedure.
The Philippine Honorary Consulates are able to process specific categories of consular documents, such as: 

  • Acknowledgment and notarization of legal affidavits and certificates;
  • Legalization or authentication of foreign documents, duly legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Legalization Section) in Sweden;
  • Issuance of travel documents for Filipinos (one-way direct travel to the Philippines);
  • Certifications and filing of civil registry reports, e.g., reports of birth, marriage or death); (Filing of civil registry reports must be done within one year after the event has taken place.  For delayed registration, an affidavit of delayed registration must be executed, which would incur additional cost).

(Source of above texts:  Philippine Embassy, Oslo, Norway website)

Please contact the Philippine Honorary Consulate General in Stockholm, Sweden for further questions, clarifications or appointments, before submission of documents for notarial and legalization services.


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