Scope of Responsibilities

The Philippine Trade & Investment Center in Stockholm, is the representative office of the Philippine Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) in the Nordic Countries, and is one of 27 overseas Posts of the DTI.

The Trade Representative of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is tasked to promote the initiatives of the DTI, specifically on trade and investment promotions in the Nordic countries. This is facilitated by a wide support network of consulate offices, trade associations & organizations, special interest councils and government partners in the Philippines and various counterpart partners in the Nordic countries.

In advancing the Philippines' trade & investment interests in the Nordic countries, the Philippine Trade & Investment Center works through the following:

  • Trade Promotion: facilitating market access for Philippine exports in Nordic countries;
  • Investment Promotion: building strong partnerships between Nordic potential investors and stakeholders with Philippine businessmen and industry;
  •  Conduct economic diplomacy: create linkages between the foreign business communities and the Department of Trade and Industry and other Philippine government entities through the Philippine Embassy in Norway, the Philippine Honorary Consulate General in Sweden, and the Philippine Consulate in Finland; 
  •  To help and assist Nordic business interests in the Philippines and prospective Philippine exporters to the Nordic countries; 
  •  To gain access to important economic and business information and resolve specific concerns relating to trade matters;
  •  Commercial intelligence for local stakeholders: to enable businesses and investors to make an informed decision on commercial matters;
  •  Trade negotiations: to help shape Philippine trade policy through multilateral trade engagements within the forum of the WTO, as well as bilateral and regional free trade agreements (FTA); and,
  •  Provision of assistance services to Overseas Filipino Investors.


Consulate of the Philippines
Mailbox 623
114 11 Stockholm

072 532 9933

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